iCreate provides visual communications and marketing solutions to the Property Sector.  Our clients are visionaries, and we bring that vision to life with advanced 3D Visualisation, leveraging the best new technologies to ensure you achieve your goals.


We help places transform themselves by visualising regeneration and economic development plans and sharing your vision for the future.



Our pioneering approach to property marketing means you can sell off plan, without a show home.  Our clients’ results speak for themselves.



3D Visualisation of your architectural plans will help you achieve your goals, whether you need to secure investment, planning approval or sales.



At iCreate, we help good people achieve great things, with the power of visualisation.

Create Your Vision

We believe that when you can see a vivid vision of what you’re working towards in life, everything starts to fall into place!  A clear picture of what success looks like will empower and inspire you.

Share Your Vision

3D visualisation of your plans and proposals will take you a step closer to achieving your goals, sharing your vision with others, and enabling you to win the support you need to make things happen.

Realise Your Vision

Whether we’re helping to visualise your proposed developments, your future home, your revitalised community, or your business expansion, we’ll provide the graphics you need to turn your vision into reality.


We’re proud to offer a complete visual communications service and a whole solution, helping our clients achieve their goals by leveraging a wide array of visual technologies.  From static CGIs, to 3D Flythroughs, to interactive masterplans and Virtual Reality – we’ve got you covered.

3D Flythroughs


A 3D Flythrough animation takes viewers on a journey around your upcoming developments.  Whether its an exterior site tour animation, a fully-furnished interior walkthrough, or a high level flyaround of your development masterplan, a 3D flythrough is a powerful communication tool, bringing your vision to life and providing a clear understanding of your proposals.

Usually between 3 and 6 minutes long, a 3D Flythrough can include text captions, or a professional voiceover, to ensure your key messages are effectively communicated alongside the visuals.  Let us help you present your vision in a compelling and engaging way – online or offline, via social media, broadcast media, at events, meetings or exhibitions.

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Experiences deliver realistic 3D worlds to modern audiences using high tech virtual reality headsets such as the HTC Vive or the Samsung Gear VR.  Put your viewer in the centre of your vision by providing an immersive virtual reality experience.  Let them stand in the middle of a virtual world and look around them, hear the sounds and feel the feelings that the space evokes.  Virtual Reality is powerful because it evokes the emotions of the viewer, fooling the subconscious mind into believing that the virtual world is real.

Ideal for events and exhibitions, Virtual Reality creates excitement and delivers a memorable experience – ideal for use in your sales office and marketing suites.  At iCreate, every 3D flythrough we create is “VR Ready”, so we can offer virtual reality as an add-on to a more traditional presentation, ensuring you have the right visual tools for every audience and every situation.

3D Masterplans


A 3D Masterplan model is an essential presentation tool for all types of proposed development.  With a clear visual overview of your proposals you can present your vision to others and begin to get buy-in from partners, planners, investors and purchasers.

A 3D Masterplan can be as detailed or indicative as you require, and can be presented as static imagery, an interactive 3D map, or a fly-over animation.  We usually recommend adding a voiceover to your presentations, to ensure that all your key messages are embedded into your masterplan, making it easy for everyone to understand the benefits.

Relatively quick to put together, but incredibly powerful in helping you to make your vision a reality, our 3D masterplans enable you to share your plans in the context of their surrounding landscape or cityscape.

Property Marketing Campaigns


If you’re building new homes and hoping to sell off plan, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll design and deliver an integrated property marketing campaign that provides your buyers with everything they need to buy off plan, incorporating print, web and 3D visualisation.

We specialise in bringing new developments to life before they’re built, with the latest 3D presentation technology, flythroughs and CGIs.  But we don’t stop there.  From helping to identify your ideal buyer, to branding, site naming, brochure design and website development, to site signage, press adverts, social media strategy and launch events – we’re with you every step of the way, helping you to achieve your goal of selling off plan – without a show home!

We believe that the pre-launch period is critical to your success in selling off plan.  Our campaign approach will generate interest and excitement in advance of your launch, so that when you’re ready to start accepting reservations, you have a queue of people ready to talk to you.

Computer Generated Images (CGIs)


Computer Generated Images are an essential presentation tool, whatever your project.  When you can see your vision “made real” with the power of 3D visualisation, and when you can share that vision with others, you are well on your way to making it a reality.  At iCreate, we provide photorealistic CGIs to the global property sector, specialising in detailed, fully-furnished interior renderings, and evocative, fully landscaped external views.  Ideal for use on site sign boards, hoardings, brochures and printed media, our world-class CGIs will bring your vision to life at a glance, and enable everyone to see exactly what your plans and proposals are.  Unlike some CGI providers, at iCreate all our static CGIs are also animation- and VR-ready, so when you need to bring your static imagery to life, we’ve got you covered.



Photomontage is the process of merging a 3D visualisation of your proposed development with a real-world photograph of its existing context.  Commonly used to demonstrate the visual impact of upcoming developments on their landscape or streetscene, photomontages are ideal for submission with your planning applications.  Photomontages enable you to show a ‘before and after’ view that provides a clear understanding of how your proposals will integrate into their location.  Sometimes what you need is a visual that shows you can hardly see your development at all from specified viewpoints.

In some locations, we can also offer Verified Views, which are photomontages created from accurate site surveys and point cloud data, offering a higher level of verifiability required by some planning officers for major developments in sensitive locations.


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Helping Good People Achieve Great Things with the Power of Visualisation.
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