11 Reasons For Loving Our Job At iCreate

14th Feb 2018

As you all know it’s the day of love and Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. To some, it’s a wonderful day of love. To others, it’s a reminder that they are romantically challenged for yet another year… But for iCreate we get the chance to spend it together and let’s face it, what more could we want?

Instead of all that lovey dovey stuff, we thought it would be great to share with you all the reasons we LOVE working at iCreate…And trust me, it’s not just the lunch break.

Here are 11 reasons why we all love working at iCreate!

Richard Baldwin “I love that each project is different so work never gets boring. I also love when a client gives us great feedback on a project I’ve worked on.”

Stuart Lindsay “I love shaping our clients’ visions into ‘photo real’ CGIs. Bringing a plan that was once a 2D drawing to life is AMAZING!”

Gareth Morgan “I love the chance to improve my skills by doing what I enjoy every day! I love coming in to work in a place full of creative and friendly people!”

Alan Rodger “The thing I love about working at iCreate is working on great architecture for great people, and I also LOVE tea!”

Kyle Stiens-Magill “I love it when we work together as a team on a large scale project and I love it when a client is amazed with the end package delivered!”

Veronika Wislocka “I love the variety of my role as I am given the opportunity to be creative every single day. Each project is also different and allows me to constantly develop skills such as copy writing, design, and social media.”

Jonathan Davies “I LOVE the the philosophy of iCreate to help people achieve their goals. Not just clients but our colleagues and the community.”

Sean Toomey “Seeing our work through, from initial concept to final result, is a great feeling.”

Dawn Lyle “I love reading our customer testimonials and I love client success stories!”

Jake Major “I love it when someone says, “Is that a photo?”

Sophie Lauren Evans “My favourite part of working at iCreate is when I see that acceptance form come through to my mailbox.. It means all that hard work has paid off and being with the client throughout the journey and seeing the end result.”

At iCreate, we LOVE working with all of our clients. This Valentine’s day and beyond, if you’re looking for a special company to help you sell your homes ‘off plan’, give us a call on 01792 824894 or email hello@icreate.co.uk

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