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An Introduction To Our Visualisation Studio

Visualisation Studios are becoming a fundamental part of engineering and architecture. Our Visualisation Studio is used at the design and approval stage, or to sell assets before development. The type of work we do has many benefits, including cost savings. We are proud to have been involved in a number of prestigious developments across the UK and abroad. Our Visualisation Studio provides services for:

We also offer services in branding, graphic design, web development, social media, print, signage, and merchandise.

Visualisation Studio Applications

We have experience in working with small to large residential projects, high-profile commercial builds, and well-known sports stadiums. Our Virtualisation Studio is perfect for the following applications:

You will find that our website provides you with examples of our portfolio, if you go to case studies in the menu above. Before you leave this page though, please learn more about our services with other links to our key web pages below.

What can a virtualisation studio offer you?

Our visualisations of the assets above have become a viable alternative to using physical showhomes and showrooms. An audience can see the internal and external viewing areas of an asset prior to construction. This makes our visualisation studio work the perfect solution for businesses, architects, property owners, and/or developers. Additionally, our work can be viewed digitally on any device or platform. We can work with you or your team to capture your ideas and designs. This enables you to show your work to your shareholders, members of your business, your development team, and/or potential buyers/tenants. Our market-leading services, give you the confidence to sell your assets. You could do this in person at big events, or on websites and social media. Should you be interested in captivating your audience, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose iCreate’s Virtualisation Studio?

Our Virtualisation Studio has grown over the last 18 years with the experience we have gained in the industry.

If you are looking to develop a small or large prestigious project, pick a leading expert in this field. For more detail on our services, see below.

More about our Virtualisation Studio

Bear in mind that we take on not only large projects but smaller ones too. Our virtualisation studio can also be used for smaller-scale marketing tasks like brochure design and general imagery. We work from specifications, discussions, and architectural plans which include floorplans, elevations, etc. The end product that we provide shows the value of a new/refurbished building to its prospective audience. This often enables buildings to be sold or rented faster. We have a good solid team, all with varied backgrounds and this makes us versatile in the market. Not only do we have an emphasis on creativity at iCreate, but we also place importance on customer service. Without our customers, we would not be where we are today.

Our Visualisation Studio & The Metaverse

We also take on projects to build in the Metaverse, should this be of interest to you:

Visualisation Studio FAQ

Our virtualisation studio uses the latest 3D modelling and rendering software. Within the software packages that we have, we use the latest tools and techniques to provide realistic 3D impressions of new developments. Our work often begins with specifications and drawings of various plots. This information is then used to build imagery and 3D rendering. Often, the end goal is to provide virtual representations of developments for construction teams and potential buyer or tenants. Our work is also used as part of the evaluation method before approving the build. Feel free to contact us and open up a discussion into what we can provide you with.

A 3D flythrough is a computer-generated video, that has been created to show a certain perspective of a development project. With a flythrough, you see a moving zoomed-out perspective of a development. A flythrough can show the upper interior of a large building, as well as the exterior of the setting itself. Flyarounds are great in a lot of different cases. You will notice that they work particularly well for larger developments and venues such as sports stadiums.

As mentioned, our work is designed to produce a compelling experience for audiences to view new homes, commercial buildings and venues. Seeing a stunning and realistic impression of a building can draw in emotion from potential buyers and renters. It can be important during the marketing process to draw in emotion from the audience and this is done in a few different ways. The work itself is fabulous and stunning. If you have chosen to use a moving video, backing music can be added. Then lastly, people can be added to make the setting alive and help your audience visualise being there.

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you, is to plan well in advance of your own deadlines. This often has nothing to do with our work, clients need amendments or have changes in the spec. To provide you with a rough guide of deadlines, we have broken down tasks with potential lead times. But please note, all projects are assessed individually. At the moment, single static CGIs are typically produced within about a week once started. You might find we have to book this into a schedule at our virtualisation studio though, depending on the workload. 3D flythroughs can take 4-6 weeks approximately from start to finish. As you can imagine, there can be a lot of 3D modelling involved, including rendering time. If we are working on a larger project, this can add 10-14 days on a project. If you require a project with images, animations and other property marketing materials, then allow roughly 8-12 weeks. If you have any questions about our virtualisation studio, do not hesitate to contact us.