We work with large organisations and visionary individuals who have something they need to communicate, and want a visual and genuinely engaging way to get their messages across.  So many things are better explained with the help of an image, or a video, or an infographic, or an interactive website.  Our role is to translate your ideas into a form that makes them accessible to everyone: making complicated things simpler and making dull things more compelling.

Complete Property Marketing Solutions

If you're marketing new homes and whether you are intending to sell off plan or on site, we can help - not just with CGIs and 3D Flythroughs, but also with the creation of printed brochures, websites and mobile apps. We recently completed a new website for Westacres...

The Property Marketing Toolbox

You're faced with lots of options for your property marketing, and the list is growing with the emergence of new visual technologies.  When it comes to allocating your marketing budget, you've got some choices to make! The Property Marketing Toolbox explores all the...

Sourcing Location Photography for Your Property Sales Brochure

Great location photography is essential to capturing the Imagination of prospective buyers. You'll want to include some great photography on your Location pages – images of the views, of the nearby beauty spots and points of interest, and of the lifestyle benefits...

Effective Stakeholder Consultation

An interactive 3D model of Crosshands Business Park has enabled Carmarthenshire Council to engage with stakeholders and attract new business tenants to the region. Stakeholder consultation has become an important element of urban planning projects and, traditionally,...

The Tywi Path | Using 360° Animation for Engagement, Consultation and Promotion

The proposed 16 mile long "Tywi Path" is a traffic free pathway through an idyllic valley alongside the magnificent River Tywi as it flows from Llandeilo to Carmarthen in one of the most scenic areas of Wales. Led by our client, Carmarthenshire County Council, the...

6 Uses of 3D Visualisation in your Marketing

3D visualisation fascinates viewers by allowing them to enter into the atmosphere of the project before it is built. From CGIs, to external and internal flythroughs, an animation excites viewers by sharing a life-like experience, evoking all the necessary emotions...

Explainer Videos | Making The Complicated Simple

An Explainer Video is a short film that explains your project in 60-90 seconds in a way that everyone can understand, particularly useful when you need to communicate a complex message to varied audience types.  Explainer videos are a great way to engage with your...

Choosing Your Brochure Size and Format

Small decisions can have a big impact. Seemingly minor variables, like the size and format of your property sales brochure, and the paper types you use, can say a lot about you, and the quality of what you deliver. Just in your choice of finish and paper stock, you...

Property Marketing – The Decline of Traditional Advertising

It is now clearer than ever that digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in influencing the home-buyer decision. At iCreate we believe that they should be used in tandem with traditional property marketing and advertising tactics, such as good...

3D Animation For The Slate Conference & Event Venue

Our client brief was to provide a complete and compelling vision of The Slate, Warwick Conferences new conference and event venue, showcasing the flexibility and potential of the space available.  In the absence of any available photography which would demonstrate the...


An explainer video is a multimedia presentation, pulling together video, animation, voice, graphics and photography to tell your story.  We start with the script – what is it that you want to say?  From here, we’ll create a storyboard that presents your pitch in a concise and visual way.

  • Handwritten Whiteboard Animations
  • Animated infographics and graphs
  • Professional multi-lingual voiceovers
  • 3D visualisation and animation


We love print, and for all the hype about ebooks and digital content we believe there’s still a place for an engaging piece of literature that people can hold in their hands.  In an age of digital overload, a well written, targeted and well designed printed publication is worth its weight.

  • Design for books, brochures and magazines
  • Beautiful, tactile publications
  • Cutting through the filter bubble
  • Targeted short runs – no wasted trees


Many projects will benefit from having a dedicated web presence separate from your main company or organisational site.  Your microsite will be completely focused on the needs of your audiences, presenting everything they need to know in a visual and interactive format.

  • One-page Scrolling Sites to tell your story
  • Animated page elements and infographics
  • Fully responsive, designed for mobile use
  • Fully integrated with your social media


Time is the fourth dimension in a 4D Flythrough – a flyaround of your project with the added dimension of time lapse.  When you need to demonstrate exactly how your project is going to work, a 4D animation will make it absolutely clear.

  • Show how something is going to be built,
  • Show the phases of your project,
  • Show how something works, or
  • Show various different scenarios playing out




We make complicated projects simple, even when there are lots of moving parts.


Large corporations and small businesses across the UK trust us with their visual comms.


Founded in 2003, we have over a decade’s experience working with all sorts of businesses.


With the latest technology at our fingertips, you won’t get left behind.


We help you achieve your goals by focusing on what success looks like to you.

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