If success hinges on winning the approval of Planners and Councillors, as it often does, it’s well worth investing in effective visual communication from the start.  Since 2003, we’ve been helping property developers and architects visualise their proposals accurately and realistically, so that planning decisions are made on the basis of real understanding, rather than just a hazy interpretation of your plans and drawings.

With iCreate on board as your 3D Visualisation partner, you can begin to leverage the power of Visualisation to present your proposals and achieve your goals.  From the earliest stages, 3D visualisation can help you block out your ideas, consider different options, and refine your plans, enabling you to design the very best scheme for your site.

And when it comes to submitting your application and presenting your scheme, we’ll deliver compelling, photorealistic CGIs that breathe life into your proposals; and accurate, reliable photomontages that demonstrate the true visual impact of your project.

Many thanks for your efforts throughout. You managed to deliver an excellent final product despite a tight time schedule and you were always very accommodating to what was an evolving design.

Ian Walsh

Assistant Development Engineer, Dover Harbour Board




We work with your team of architects, designers and consultants.  We can use your 3D models and supply ours to you.


We understand that your plans are evolving and subject to change.  We adapt our workflow as needed and we’re with you every step.


Founded in 2003, we have over a decade’s experience working with the UK property sector to present, promote and sell new schemes.


From VR to interactive to online marketing: With the latest technology at our fingertips, you won’t get left behind.


We love working with people who have a vision for the future that we can help to share.  Tell us, what does success look like?


Step 1:  What does success look like?

Before we start modelling your project, we seek to understand the real purpose of the imagery we’re creating.  What is the ultimate vision, what are the potential question marks, and what are the key selling points?  By considering what you are trying to communicate, the concerns you are seeking to allay, and the features you are hoping to highlight through our imagery, we are stacking all the odds in favour of success from the start.

Step 2:  Accurate 3D Modelling

Whatever format your plans are in, we’ll create accurate and detailed 3D models of your proposals, complete with photorealistic surface materials and lifelike landscaping, trees and planting.  If you’ve already got 3D models of your plans, you’re one step ahead:  we can import these into our software, so there’s no duplication of effort.  The model is the first step. We can then use this to deliver all sorts of graphics, depending on your needs.

Step 3:  Photomontage and Verified Views

What the planners really want to see is how your proposed development will impact upon the surrounding streetscape or landscape.  By showing your scheme in context, through a seamless merge of the 3D model with site photos from the viewpoints the Planners may specify, we can help ensure that decisions are based more on fact than on fear.
Before - a photograph of the existing site


After - the photograph merged with the 3D model


Step 4:  Compelling CGIs and Flythroughs

Photomontages may provide the rationale and the confidence that your key decision-makers will need, but sometimes – due to the angle of the view, the viewing distance or even the weather – they don’t always present you with the opportunity to spark imagination, engage emotions, or make it aspirational..  That’s why you need a set of high quality CGIs to complete the pitch.  With ‘golden hour’ lighting, incredibly lifelike trees and planting, and a genuine understanding of what makes this scheme special, we’ll deliver compelling imagery for PR, public consultation and committee presentations.

Step 5:  A Partner for the Long Term

When you engage iCreate as your 3D Visualisation partner, you can be confident that you’ll have the visuals you need, when you need them, as the project moves forward.  Whether you need us to make amendments to the 3D models based on updates to your plans, provide additional viewpoints, or progress to creating marketing collateral once the scheme has been approved, we will be happy to help.  And we ensure that the way we work is future-proof, meaning that if you later require animations, interactivity or virtual reality, your 3D scene is set-up to make this possible.

The next step?

We’d love to hear what you’re working on, and see where we can help.  Whether you know exactly what you need, or don’t know where to start, the first step is to call or email us to start the conversation.  We love questions, so ask away!
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