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Selling New Homes Off Plan?

For our best property marketing advice, download our guide for housebuilders who are selling new homes off plan.  

Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing materials by understanding your buyers and their 7 ‘needs’. It’s a proven, tested framework that gives your buyers everything they need to make a decision.

10 Ways To Use CGIs to Sell New Homes

It takes a long time to construct new buildings, and it can be hard to start generating interest when you haven’t got a finished product to show off. A professional set of computer generated images (CGIs) showing your development, inside and out, gives you a real head start when it comes to marketing, and also makes your sales team’s job infinitely easier. We’ve put together a list of 10 places you can use your CGIs to generate excitement and inspire confidence in your development at an early stage – some are obvious but there are some you may not yet have thought of!


1. Site Signage

Add interest and impact to site hoardings and signboards by including street scene CGIs and housetype images. The local community are desperate to know what you’re building, so show them you’ve really thought about the design and landscaping of the site, and start generating some positive word-of-mouth.


2. Sales brochures

This is an obvious one of course – we all know that a brochure without CGIs is like a car without wheels: a complete non-starter. Photorealistic CGIs give buyers an image of a house that they can almost walk in to, capturing their imaginations and creating desire. CGIs of the interior will help them picture themelves in the homes and convey a sense of the quality and lifestyle on offer.


3. Website

If all you have is 2-dimensional plans, your website is going to be pretty dull and it might well damage your efforts to appear credible and professional. Colourful, fully landscaped CGIs of your upcoming developments will inspire confidence and make your plans seem real and believable long before you’ve actually built anything.


4. Social Media

Good marketeers are always on the look out for something to shout about on social media, and the release of your new CGIs is a perfect opportunity to grab people’s attention and get them clicking through to your website.


5. Press releases and email newsletters

On a slow news day, editors are looking for a story with good images to fill their pages. Engage the local news media – online and paper – and ensure the wider community knows all about your stunning new homes. The release of your CGIs is also the perfect opportunity to send a newsletter to all your email contacts.


6. Your site office

We all know that buyer’s want to see what the finished homes will look like, but have you considered sharing them with your construction team at an early stage in the build? It’s amazing how much easier it is to discuss details of the specification with builders, landscapers, carpenters and decorators when they can see an image of what you want – plus we all feel more motivated and inspired when we’ve got a clear picture of what we’re working towards.


7. Your sales suite

When potential buyers show up to your sales suite, often what they’re faced with is a few holes in the ground and a lot of mud. Show them the completed vision and fill their heads with more inspiring images by using large format prints and interactive displays in your sales suite.


8. Events

Your launch event is the perfect moment to release your full set of CGIs – and conversely, the release of your CGIs is a great excuse for a party! Large format prints and banners, flythroughs and interactive displays will engage your audience and demonstrate the quality of your development.


9. Advertisements

If you’ve only got a site plan and a few elevations, don’t bother with press advertising – buyers will flick right past. Glossy images naturally capture our attention, plus they’ll present an altogether different impression of your professionalism and credibility.


10. Meetings with the bank

Bankers and investors need to believe you’re going to achieve what you say you are. CGIs showing your finished product will inspire their confidence and do wonders for your credibility in meetings and presentations, while also helping them to assess the viability of your business plan: are these homes really what the market wants? Differentiate your product and reassure them that you know what you’re doing, with a professional set of photoreal CGIs.


At iCreate we specialise in creating amazing CGIs of your ideas. Get in touch to see how we can help make your plans a reality! Our contact details are here