360 Video Walkthroughs – an alternative to traditional flythroughs

14th Sept 2016

360 Videos are a new kind of video file that lets the viewer rotate their view, while a walkthrough video is playing. In a piece of work recently completed for Waterstone Homes, we delivered a 360 video in addition to a ‘normal’ flythrough, enabling potential buyers to rotate around various spaces in the virtual apartment.

This type of content is compatible with Facebook and YouTube, so it’s perfect for sharing on social media. But it’s even more powerful when looked through a Virtual Reality headset, such as the Gear VR or HTC Vive. With a VR headset, you are transported into the space you’re looking at, so turning your head changes your view. This immersive technology is being rolled out across housebuilders sales suites across the world, offering potential buyers an engaging new way to experience a home before it’s built.

“The VR headset was great. It not only showed potential customers what the apartments could look like but I had a few customers who had already reserved come down and try it, and it did wonders to solidify their confidence, everyone walked away loving it.”
Chris Elliott; Sales negotiator for Waterstone Homes

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