3D Visualisation Services


3D Visualisation Services


3D Visualisation Services in Birmingham used by property architects & developers

Our 3D visualisation services in Birmingham can be used in place of physical show homes, significantly improving the marketing and sales of properties. Our 3D visualisation services are often a perfect solution for architects or developers, who can present their work to potential home buyers in a way that was previously impossible. We are highly experienced to provide potential home buyers with a detailed 3D render for any type of development project. Our work is ideal for showcasing building renders prior to construction. We are also able to deliver our work so that it can be viewed digitally on any device or platform.

Internal Property 3D Visualisation Services Birmingham

Our walkthrough animation allows potential customers to see the interior of a property before it has been built. The demand for this service is high among people who are new to the industry because homes are not built yet. Our 3D visualisation services in Birmingham allow you to gain buyers before or mid-construction. Above all, potential customers can watch our walkthrough animation and discover how the property could look inside with furnishings. Our 3D visualisation services in Birmingham capture the charm of the property and inspire buyers.

External Property 3D Visualisation Services Birmingham

We offer 3D visualisation services so that potential customers can visualise parts of the estate. Depending on the budget and requirements, we can capture your property development however you want. Our 3D visualisation services in Birmingham provide you with many options for flyaround animation. We will be happy to discuss these examples with you in more detail if you wish to receive more information about our services.

360 Walkthrough Tours For Property In Birmingham

Our 3D visualisation services in Birmingham involve creating a virtual tour of your property that can be viewed from any angle. This can be used independently or in combination with our fly around animation or standard walkthrough animation. We hope that you have gained an appreciation of our 3D visualisation services at this point, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marketing Brochures For Property In Birmingham

Are you looking to market new property in Birmingham? Our brochures can be designed to match our 3D Visualisation Services. We know that when people are looking for a new home, it’s important to make sure they get exactly what you want. That’s why we offer a full range of marketing materials that are designed to help them find the perfect property. Our brochures can be made to match our 3D Visualisation Services, so that no matter which option people choose, their search will be as easy and smooth as possible.
3d visualisation services Birmingham brochure

3D Visualisation Services in Birmingham – Applications

Our experience covers a broad range of projects, including small to large residential builds, new commercial builds, and refurbishments. We also specialise in the sport and leisure sector.

Our 3D Visualisation Services in Birmingham

We’ve been in business for over 18 years, and throughout that time we’ve learned how to blend the latest technology with proven skillsets to provide clients with imagery, walkthroughs, flythroughs, and 360-degree virtual tours. We’re distinctively different from our competitors because of this unique combination of skills:

Unique Thinking




Customer Focused

Team Spirit

With our 3D visualisation services, we can provide you with a range of visual branding and design services. This includes web development, social media support, print, signage and merchandise. Please get in touch for more information.

FAQ – 3D Visualisation Services in Birmingham

For property development, a 3D flythrough is a computer-generated video that can show the exterior and/or interior of a building. To learn more about our 3D visualisation services or to see an example of our work, please contact us.

We can create 3D visualisations of new developments, starting with a 2D drawing and progressing it into a virtual model. We add realistic surface materials, landscaping, and lighting effects to make the models look realistic. For example, we might add people in the foreground and background to make it seem more real. Our services also include a fly-through to heighten your senses and give you a feel of the environment.

Our 3D visualisation services in Birmingham show potential buyers a new-build development before or during construction. We produce a compelling experience for audiences to view new homes and commercial buildings. Our work has led to quicker sales or rentals of properties. Our main aim is always to captivate an audience, with attention to engaging them emotionally with their potential future home.

Our work is based on the plans that developers and architects provide. We create a lifelike experience using architectural drawings and floorplans, elevations and site plans. When we use detail from specifications, it might include external materials and landscaping. Likewise, we sometimes use specifications for internal designs for items such as fixtures and fittings.

We recommend that you make plans well in advance of your own deadlines. We can provide you with a rough guide for all of our services now, but your final price will depend on individual factors. Our single static CGIs typically take approximately one week to create. However, a potential lead time is included – booking the work into our studio schedule. Our 3D flythroughs typically take four to six weeks to finish from start to finish. This takes into account the extent of 3D modeling involved, including rendering time. For instance, large projects might require 10-14 days of rendering time alone. For projects that include images, animations along with other property marketing materials, allow eight to 12 weeks for completion. Meanwhile, our team reviews progress and provides feedback as the project develops.

We work from plans such as floor plans, elevations, and site plans. Furthermore, we need to understand how many viewpoints you are considering. Our discussions involve asking you whether you only require static images or additional work such as 3D flythrough animations. If new ideas are added towards the end of a project, deviating from the proposal, this can add time and cost.

In order to quote you a price, we will need architectural plans and a discussion with you. However, we can provide you with an estimate to get you started. Our rates vary from around £250 to £500 per day. Maybe more depending on the complexity of the work. A simple three-day project for a small development might cost around £1,000. A larger and more advanced project is difficult to price as some developments can be on large scales with many variables. We recommend that you email or call us if you have any questions or ideas that you’d like to talk about further.

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