“6 Uses of 3D Visualisation in your Marketing.”


17th August 2018

Bay View Court Development Sold 100% Off-Plan

Purnell Homes was successful in securing off plan buyers for all 9 properties on their new development at Bay View Court, with the help of our 3D Flythroughs. They were pleased to launch their marketing at an early stage of the build, and then progress with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they had buyers in place.

By leveraging the power of 3D visualisation, they were able to transport prospective buyers into the homes and around took buyers around the whole site in an additional external flyaround. Buyers not only get a chance to see the finished development before it is event built, but they have the opportunity to experience all the necessary emotions needed to make such a big financial decision such as buying a new home.


23rd May 2018

    • Website

Businesses use websites to communicate with the audience and attract visitors from search engines such as Google. 3D architectural animations and images capture a visitors attention far more effectively than a long paragraph of text. Showing off your 3D visualisations on your website leaves a great first impression, especially if it’s their first time on your website. Site visitors become more engaged, and they are likely to become loyal readers or take an action the page calls to.

    • Social media

In social media marketing, content works best if it is visual. A static image, walkthrough, or video is typically more appealing than plain text with no exciting images. This way, high-quality static visualisations and architectural animations will return more likes, link followings, reposts and followings. It also build trust and customer loyalty meaning you are more likely to get repeat clients! What better way of showing off your hot new project than splashing it all over your social media channels…

    • Email marketing

Similar to social media, email marketing is key when it comes to showing off your 3D visualisations. Whether it’s to send sneak peeks of the developments, or the finished CGIs, email marketing is a great way of using your 3D material to leave a great last impression of your brand or excite your clients with brand new developments and their progress!

    • Blogs

Blogs are a great way of attracting traffic to your website. Blog posts which include high quality, large images such as CGIs will capture the reader’s attention whilst Google will reward you for updating and posting on your blog regularly. Blogs quickly allow you to gain popularity before a customer even enquiries which means you should make your blog posts as exciting and colourful as possible.

    • Printed literature/brochures

A main use of our clients’ CGIs are for their property marketing brochures and adverts. Never underestimate how powerful brochures remain- everyone still likes to hold onto something tangible when making a decision- especially when it comes to buy a house. Using your CGIs in brochures, and printed adverts in magazines etc will immediately draw attention to the homes you are trying to sell, whilst also giving them an insight into the lifestyle you are offering them.

    • Media/ PR

Many new developments make it into the local media, whether that’s online or printed newspapers. The media are still eager for new stories relating to property. If your new development attracts media attention- your 3D visualisations will be widely seen which will create attractive and entertaining content for any possible buyers!

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