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“Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend Chwarae Teg’s ‘Womenspire 2018’- a vibrant celebration of women in Wales. ”


We attended Chwarae Tegs Womenspire 2018

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend Chwarae Teg’s ‘Womenspire 2018’- a vibrant celebration of women in Wales. 

Chwarae Teg is a leading gender equality charity in Wales which supports and recognises women from all backgrounds and stages in life or work across Wales.

WOMANSPIRE events are held every year and the awards ceremony showcases the remarkable accomplishments of women across Wales, inspiring future generations.

The event was held in the amazing Wales Millennium Centre where all the guests got to enjoy a drinks reception, a networking dinner and an after party. It was a brilliant evening which was full of celebrating ordinary but remarkable women in Wales. Awards were won from categories such as creativity, sport, fairness and business.

We also had the honour of listening to a speech from the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones who gave an incredibly inspiring speech, arguing he “wants a feminist government” and thanking all the finalists at the awards for “making Wales a better country”.

Overall, it was a great ceremony which importantly recognised women who truly make a difference in Wales. From employers to community activists, the evening showed us the need to celebrate and thank women more often, showing their efforts are seen and are appreciated. Thank you to Chwarae Teg for organising and we cannot wait to see what next year’s event holds!