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Swansea City Regeneration 3D Flythrough 2023 - Case Study


A Stylised Approach to a 3D Flythrough: White & Gold


A few weeks before UK REiiF 2023, we were approached about producing an updated 3D flythrough of Swansea, to show a raft of new schemes now coming forward – around 20 new schemes across the wider city area!

Given the time constraints, and the need to deliver something in time for the UK’s biggest real estate investment and infrastructure exhibition, we suggested a stylised approach for the 3D flythrough, showing much of the existing surrounding context of the city in simplified white blocks, and highlighting the key development schemes in gold. (Swansea has a new golden bridge, and a new golden arena – somehow, gold just felt right for this project!)


New developments were modelled as low detail blocks, which is an incredibly fast and efficient approach to 3D visualisation. A dynamic effect was used to “build” each scheme as the camera flies past.

Recently delivered schemes (which we had already modelled for previous flythroughs) were included in full colour as we had all the assets on file. And thanks to these pragmatic decisions, the whole animation was delivered within a 3-4 week timescale, ready for presentation to developers and investors, and providing a great overview of Swansea’s “golden age” of development and regeneration.

All this to say: we absolutely love working with clients on the challenge of presenting town centre regeneration schemes, and we tailor our proposals to the needs and resources of each new project. From photoreal to indicative, from low-poly block modelling to dynamic visual effects, we’ll find the right approach for your project. Let’s set up a meeting to see how we could support your regeneration flythrough requirements over the short, medium and long term!