Creating an Immersive Experience For Your Business

12th Jul 2017

As virtual reality technology becomes more accessible, and therefore more widespread, businesses in all sectors are exploring its many uses. Architecture & Property Marketing have quickly emerged as one of the most immediate and obvious applications for this technology, which has the power to transport audiences into a world that doesn’t yet exist.

When you put on a Virtual Reality headset for the first time, and find yourself immersed in a virtual world, you can’t help but take notice. Virtual Reality has the power to transport us into the future in a way that flythroughs and videos simply cannot match. It’s the experience of “actually being there” that makes Virtual Reality such a powerful sales or presentation tool, because it affects us on an experiential level. With no imagination needed, your viewers are dropped into the centre of your vision, able to look around your new development site as if they are actually standing on the street or walking in the rooms. They are immersed, mind and body, in the environment – and this is powerful because it tricks the subconscious mind into believing that it’s real.

At iCreate, we are always excited to explore new ways of using VR in new and emerging sectors. To learn more or to discuss how it could work for your business, click here to get in touch

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