Does your business need VR?

16th May 2017

If you’re selling new homes off-plan, wouldn’t you want to show clients around the properties? If you’re building an apartment block, wouldn’t it be great to ditch the floor-plans and give potential buyers the opportunity to walk through the rooms. VR can do this!

VR allows you to provide potential buyers with the experience they need to fully understand your product. Plans and brochures, images and video – they all play their part in your marketing strategy but put them together in an interactive, realistic experience and you’ve got the most powerful marketing tool ever made. VR can fast forward your customers through the entire process straight to the buying decision and all the touchpoints you usually make will be made within the one experience delivered to them through one immersive VR sensation.

The possibilities really are endless and any experience can be created. It is like a breath of fresh air for customers who are seeing the same generic property marketing everywhere they look. Why not be one of the first to offer something different?

At iCreate we can get you started on your VR journey. Get in touch and see how we can help.

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