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Selling New Homes Off Plan?

For our best property marketing advice, download our guide for housebuilders who are selling new homes off plan.  

Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing materials by understanding your buyers and their 7 ‘needs’. It’s a proven, tested framework that gives your buyers everything they need to make a decision.

Five Tips for Marketing New Build Developments

Are you using the right marketing techniques to sell your new build developments? The expectations of today’s buyers are higher than ever and home builders must work hard to sell not just a home, but also a lifestyle. In an ideal world, you would be selling new build properties before they are even built so below is our guide to help you successfully sell off-plan.


1. Create an appropriate development brand

A good Project Vision Document should outline a pre-defined target market for all new build developments, and you need to be wise to the needs and expectations of the end buyer. Creating a development brand that appeals to the target market is a great way of raising awareness and will also enable you to maintain a consistent look and feel across all marketing activity


2. Help prospective buyers visualise the end result

Seeing really is believing when it comes to new build developments. The more buyers are able to visualise the end result, the more likely they are to buy. CGIs (computer generated images) should be the starting point for all new build marketing. Using architectural plans, CGIs can be created to provide a realistic image of how each property will look before the first brick is even laid. CGIs are also a perfect way to show off the interior potential of the properties, building a perception of the lifestyle afforded by the development


3. Develop a quality marketing brochure

Purchasing a new home is a big decision that most people will mull over for a little while. To aid the decision making process, bring CGIs and development branding together to create a brochure that sums up all the benefits of the development. This will act as a good point of reference for potential buyers as they consider their purchase at home or consult with family and friends


4. Get the development online

We know that house hunters generally take to the Internet to begin their property search. Microsites are a brilliant, cost effective way to establish a presence online for the duration of the build. A microsite effectively acts as an online brochure, telling prospective buyers all they need to know about the development and encourages them to register their interest or get in touch.


5. Make the physical site hard to miss

Site signage is fundamental in making buyers aware of new developments in their area. Site boards, hoardings, banners and direction signs will create curiosity and lead people to the site. As the build progresses, keep site signage fresh and up to date, showcasing remaining plots or any new incentives.


The team at iCreate can help you develop your Project Vision Document and take your property marketing to the next level with their knowledge and expertise. Contact us to find out more about our complete property marketing solutions