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Pre Application PACC Event

“Should you hold a Pre Application Community Consultation (PACC) Event?”


Should you hold a Pre Application Community Consultation (PACC) Event?

“Major developments” include housing developments of 10 or more dwellings, or sites of 1 ha or more. It’s all part of an effort to involve communities more in the planning of developments that affect them – and to ensure that public consultation is meaningful and can actually influence the scheme, rather than taking place after important decisions have been made.

So given that the legislation doesn’t specifically REQUIRE you to hold a public event (you could just put up notices and make the draft application available to view online), the question is, Should You? And if so, why?

We’ve also seen the positive effect of offering participants a cup of tea and a biscuit on arrival, as a way of diffusing tension and setting the scene for a more helpful conversation. It’s a small thing, but it changes the context of your public exhibition and demonstrates your willingness to talk to people openly, in a relaxed fashion, about what they think.

“Early and phased engagement can build community buy-in and reduce objections during the determination period”

It’s important that you enter into the process with an open mind and a genuine willingness to respond to community feedback, where it could benefit the scheme.

When executed well, engagement should increase the level of transparency, develop relationships, and shape the project by considering and responding to feedback. As a result, this should assist in overcoming planning issues and improve planning successes.
When consultation is not executed so well, developers are at risk of reputational damage. Trust is eroded between the developer and the community, sometimes resulting in crisis management. It can also negatively affect the outcome of a planning application.

Thank you for the excellent work of your team at iCreate in setting up and organising our public exhibition at Burry Port on 24th January. The event went very well, and this was very much down to the professionalism and enthusiasm of you and your team.
E Roberts, Pobl