An external 3D flyaround animation and a fully furnished virtual show home tour provide prospective buyers with a clear vision of these new homes.

What we delivered:

  • An external 3D flythrough of the site
  • An internal 3D flythrough of the view home
  • A printed sales folder and inserts
  • Site signage
  • Website
  • Online marketing

Selling New Homes Off Plan at Ocean’s Reach

14th November 2018

iCreate delivered a complete property marketing package for Davies’ Homes new development at Ocean’s Reach, Swansea.

It takes attention to detail and a patient, experienced team to deliver interior 3D Flythroughs at this level.  Every fixture and fitting is as per the housebuilder’s specification, so that the finished animation really does reflect the finished build.

Exterior Flythrough Animation

Interior Flythrough Animation

Selling New Homes Off Plan?

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