Spot the Difference – Compare our CGIs with photos of the finished builds

25th Sept 2016

We recently received these photographs of one of the housing sites we visualised last year, and it’s always interesting to see how different/similar the vision and the reality are.

Cynics like to say that CGIs are unreliable and present an overly positive impression of what new developments will look like. Beware, they say: the real thing won’t look as good as the visuals. Conversely, sceptics sometimes worry that computer generated images (CGIs) of their development won’t do it justice: wouldn’t it be better to wait till we can take photos? Well, you can decide for yourselves by comparing the images below. Once you’ve established which are the photos and which are the CGIs, we hope you’ll agree that the CGIs not only represent the completed site very accurately, but they present it in its best possible light – no builders’ mess or unfinished landscaping in our 3D renderings!

Let us know what you think – and if you’ve had CGIs from us before, please send us some photos of how the site turned out, we’d love to compare!

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