Selling New Homes Off Plan?

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Using CGIs and Flythroughs To Secure New Contracts

As a major contractor, or an architect, pitching for contracts requires a considerable amount of speculative design work which obviously comes at a cost, but it’s vital to communicate your proposals to your client clearly and effectively. Many clients now expect to see a CGI or flythrough as part of a supplier’s bid, which presents an opportunity for you to really ‘sell’ your vision and make it stand out from the competition.

At iCreate, we work with design & build contractors to help present proposed schemes to optimal effect at the pitching stage – as well as throughout the contract. The smart application of new technologies can ensure you stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression, demonstrating that you’re able to embrace innovation in a way that adds value, at every stage. Alongside high quality 3D visualisations, we’re able to deliver compelling flythrough presentations. Adding a professional voiceover to your flythrough can be a great way to ensure your key messages are communicated in just the way you want, to everyone who can affect the outcome of your bid.

Success or failure depends on your ability to show that you have responded fully to the brief, but you also need to inspire their confidence and spark their imaginations. CGIs and flythroughs are a powerful means of achieving this. Here at iCreate, alongside your CGIs and Flythrough, we can also produce Phasing Animations, which illustrate the stages of your construction process, helping clients and local residents understand what will be happening on site, and when – and showing how you are going to manage the process. 

Stakeholder consultation has become an important element of urban planning projects and, traditionally, passive materials such as printed plans and two dimensional images have been utilised. This doesn’t allow any interaction with the proposed scheme, there is no way to immerse into the environment or navigate freely using different perspectives. Often, these limitations lead to non-exploitable results for planners and can explain the lack of interest in urban developments.

An interactive 3D model is a desktop application that enables people to navigate around and explore according to their own priorities. This makes it ideal for public consultation. A powerful presentation tool using interactive technology takes user engagement to another level.

If you’re looking for engaging ways to present your new developments to prospective clients, you may be wondering about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. These two technologies have generated quite a bit of excitement recently. How could you put these technologies to work in your next bid presentation?

At iCreate, all the 3D Flythroughs we provide are VR ready, so we can provide you with an immersive VR experience as part of your package. Transport your client to the heart of your vision, let them experience actually standing in the spaces and exploring the development, and make a lasting impression.

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