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When a Vision Becomes a Reality – VR Stadium CGI

Here at iCreate we love to see photographs of projects we have visualised, and it’s always interesting to see how different/similar the vision and the reality are, like this one of the new West Ham Stadium. CGIs not only represent the completed site very accurately, but they present it in its best possible light – no builders’ mess or unfinished landscaping in our 3D renderings!

3D Architectural Visualisation gives potential buyers and investors the chance to get a clear understanding of a new development before it is even built. The fusing of 2D architectural drawings and plans with 3D computer graphics, creates a realistic computer generated image which brings the new scheme to life before your very eyes. The technique has also become increasingly popular during the planning permission stage of new developments. Planning officers are increasingly requesting that CGIs of the new buildings are submitted in support of planning applications. Architectural drawings are quite complex, so 3D architectural visualisation make the images more accessible to ordinary people before the building construction begins.

Developers are able to show buyers and investors exactly what the new building will look like once complete, including any parking areas, public realm and landscaping. The software can even be used to create 3D virtual tours around the new development. Technology advances means it is now possible to create realistic lighting and shadowing effects which at times make differentiating between an architectural visualisation and an actual photograph quite difficult.

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