We all agree that the VR/360 approach is the new best practice. This is superb work, and so important to present Technogym in its best light when tendering for new work.  It’s also very cool!

What we delivered:

  • 3D Floorplan CGIs
  • Key Viewpoint CGIs
  • 3D Flythrough Animations
  • VR/360 Presentations


The Property Marketing Toolbox

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Compelling Presentations For Client Pitches

iCreate works with Technogym UK to provide compelling visualisations to help the company win client pitches. 

Many businesses are looking for ways to improve their client pitches, and 3D graphics – especially virtual reality experiences – can give you the edge over the competition.  When you can bring your vision to life for prospective clients and partners, you’re not only demonstrating what you can do, but also your commitment to innovation and your best-in-class approach to client delivery.

The power of virtual reality is that it makes any presentation more memorable.  At iCreate, we have been partnering with Technogym UK for a number of years to assist with the presentation of new gym proposals for hotels, spas and corporate gyms.  For each new opportunity, we turn a flat floorplan into a vibrant 3D illustration, flythrough animation, and most recently a virtual reality experience, bringing the Technogym solution to life for prospective clients. What are you doing to make your client pitches more compelling?  Could we help?  If so, please drop us an email or give us a call!

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