The Video Packs produced for DY5 were used to great effect at MIPIM UK, and will be updated and reissued for MIPIM France in 2019.

What we delivered:

  • Location Overview Animation
  • Enterprise Zone Flythrough
  • Printed Video Packs for Events

Bringing Dudley DY5 Enterprise Zone to Life

8th December 2018

iCreate has delivered a 3D flythrough of the vision for the DY5 Business & Innovation Enterprise Zone, which is serving as a key promotional and engagement tool for the Local Authority’s economic development team.

The 3D Flythrough comprises two sections.  Firstly, an aerial overview of the location, highlighting travel and transport infrastructure and visualising the position of DY5 in relation to the UK as a whole.  And secondly, a full flythrough of the vision for the enterprise zone, which covers a number of different areas and incorporates existing and proposed buildings.

Our client provided a base massing model which was used as a starting point.  From here, our team created detailed visualisations of the concepts for proposed buildings, using precedent images and the client’s masterplan as primary reference.

Part 1 : Location Overview Animation

Part 2 : Enterprise Zone Flythrough

Bespoke Printed Video Packs

The 3D Flythroughs of the enterprise zone were incorporated into bespoke printed Video Packs, and given out to prospective occupiers at events and exhibitions such as MIPIM.

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