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Property Marketing

Embrace a complete property marketing solution
Solutions for developers & house builders across the UK

property marketing

Property Marketing Can Help You Sell More New Homes Off Plan

A successful property marketing campaign requires a strategic, multi-media approach, incorporating lots of moving parts, from CGIs and 3D Flythroughs, to printed brochures and site signage, to online marketing and social media, to cutting edge interactive and virtual reality (VR) applications. 

iCreate is an experienced, professional team that specialises in providing housebuilders and developers with comprehensive marketing solutions.  When you work with us, you’ll enjoy one point of contact and a high level of advice and service, from a trusted partner that you can rely on to take care of all the details and deliver the results you need.

Complete Property Marketing Solutions

Provide Your Buyers with Everything They Need to Buy Off Plan

…and equip your sales people the property marketing they need to make the sale

Working from your architectural drawings, we build complete external and 3d internal renderings of your projects in our software, showing them clearly in the context of their surroundings.  From these detailed, accurate and realistic 3D scenes, we’re able to deliver all the visual property marketing materials you need.

This could include a range of static viewpoints for your printed materials and advertising, compelling 3D modelling that take viewers on a tour of the development through property CGI, and interactive applications that enable your sales people to show prospective buyers around new properties, naturally and effectively, according to their individual interests.

And we deliver all the components of your off plan property marketing campaign in-house, which means you’re working with one team of creative professionals who talk to each other and see the bigger picture.  Whether you need branding and graphic design, web development and social media, print, signage or merchandise – stop juggling and start leveraging the benefits of true partnership.

Property Marketing CGI to Capture the Imagination of your buyers

3D Flythrough Animations

Welcome to the 5-in-1 Flythrough

3D flythroughs add impact to any property marketing presentation, taking viewers on a journey of discovery around a new development before it’s built.  When you need a dynamic animation for an event or for your website, our creative team will deliver a professional result that brings your vision to life for prospective buyers. This can often include interior spaces as well as exterior ‘site tours’, so that the completed animation provides a comprehensive understanding of a new development. We also use aerial photography and models of neighbouring buildings to show new developments in their context.

And the way we see it, your 3D Flythrough is an asset that enables us to deliver a complete suite of visual materials to support your property marketing – which is why we call it the “five in one” flythrough!

3D Flythrough

Cinematic Trailer

Static CGIs

Interactive Model

VR Experience



Embrace Cutting-Edge Technologies
whilst honouring ‘tried and true’ property marketing principles

New technology is great, but some things haven’t changed

We’ve been helping our clients present and sell upcoming developments for over 15 years.  In that time we’ve witnessed the rise of visual technologies that have truly changed the game, making it possible to show exactly what new developments will look like, before they’re built.  But while we embrace new technologies and help you leverage the many benefits and opportunities they offer, we’re equally focused on the property marketing and sales principles that haven’t changed over the last 15 years.  Our property campaigns are built around an understanding of how buyers make decisions – starting with clear identification of your ideal buyer, their aspirations and emotional needs.

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